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Pet Loss

At Jewell-Rittman, we never want to rest on our laurels. Without compromising the sincerity and depth of our services, we are always looking to expand what we offer by looking to the need or needs we see within our community.

Recently, we have seen a growing need for pet memorials. Some of our family members are great pet enthusiasts, sometimes owning as many as three dogs in addition to other pets. We recognize that, quite often, pets are integral members of the family to which they belong. Losing a pet, therefore, can be devastating to families.

Along with the grief support for loss of a pet that we offer through this site, we have other options available. Should the situation arise, we would be able to provide a family with memorial folders for the departed pet. We could organize or facilitate get-togethers for memorializing and commemorating a pet. We can provide the same types of services that we would offer for humans.

We will be exercising our discretion and caution when considering pet memorials. Given those discretionary guidelines, we will happily assist families in all areas where we can.

For instance, we could help locate a casket that would fit the remains. Humans and animals are not buried in the same cemeteries but we could help a family to find an adequate burial ground. Sometimes, bereft pet owners chose cremation. For this, we would be able to guide families to pet crematoriums.

Again, we understand that losing a pet can be as devastating as losing any other family member. After all, the dog, cat, bird or any other pet of the house is often incredibly important to that family. Because of that importance, the process of grieving over that lost pet is just as difficult as the grief process for a person. To help facilitate that process, we can offer some services for memorializing pets. Contact us and as we are more than happy to discuss options.