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Choosing a Funeral

Often families are confused and bewildered, bowled over with grief and unsure of what they need or how they are going to get everything done when a family member dies. At Jewell-Rittman, we understand the complexities of this situation, how minor details can seem like enormous tasks and how everything happens too fast; in other words, we understand the concerns that families have. Because we are a family, we know how to treat yours.

Choosing a funeral service is a very important step in the funeral process. The universal thought on funerals is that, for the most part, the service should reflect and memorialize the deceased by showing something about him or her.

At Jewell-Rittman, we take a unique approach to this process. We act as guides rather than sales people. Our combined years of experience have taught us that the imagination of the family is the only limiting factor in the funeral process. We are accustomed to working with varying budgets. Funerals need not break the family bank. They are traditions of respect and commemoration. This can be accomplished as easily on a low budget as it can be with tens of thousands of dollars.

The history of the funeral is as long and involved as the human race is itself. In certain countries and cultures, funerals take days or weeks to complete. Some cultures recognize the deceased with dances and feasts. Each celebration is unique and provides the living with a means of saying goodbye and starting the grieving process -- two things that are of tremendous importance.

Cultural differences show up quite often in funeral rituals. At Jewell-Rittman, we understand this as well. We have worked with and prepared services for people coming from a wide range of ethnicities and cultures -- including Buddhists, Muslims, Ba'haists, Christians, Jews and those who consider themselves agnostic or atheists. Again, our combined years of service and practice ensure that we can handle anything and encourage people to express their cultural heritage in their services. It is just one more part of our philosophy that families deserve economical, unique service, every time.