Jewell-Rittman Funeral Home
3855 25th St
Columbus, IN 47203
(812) 372-9923

Our Story

Clockwise from top left: Heeth Jewell, Vernon Jewell, Keith Jewell, Nick Rittman
Clockwise from top left: Heeth Jewell, Vernon Jewell, Keith Jewell, Nick Rittman
Having been in the funeral industry for nearly 65 years, our family is familiar with every aspect of the business and well versed in the needs of families. Please don't let the last names confuse you; we're all family around here.

Vernon Jewell, the literal and figurative father of this home, founded his first home a few decades ago. He owned and operated that home until 1982 when he sold it. With him he brings years of experience and a vast amount of knowledge that he accrued during those years.

Two of Vernon's sons, Nick Rittman and Heeth Jewell, have previously been employed in funeral service firms in both Indiana and Kentucky. Keith Jewell, the third son, was involved in the funeral industry as well, working as a partner in a burial vault manufacturer, Jewell & Curry.

Each family member has a particular way of dealing with people but a sense of propriety and understanding that Vernon passed on; Heeth's ease of manner, for example, leads many people to call him a "grandson."

It is this combination of business prowess, expertise and compassionate foresight that give Jewell-Rittman a reputation for kindness and accuracy.

The current incarnation of the home, the Jewell-Rittman Family Funeral Home, was founded in 1999 and has been expanding rapidly since then. Located in the Tovey Shoe building, the Jewell-Rittman Family Funeral Home is a trusted name in funeral services in Columbus.

The building itself is a source of both pride and joy. One of our chapels can comfortably seat a large family whereas another can feel cozy to a small family; again, we always try to meet the needs of families. To ensure ease of movement, our home is completely handicap accessible and we are known for being aware of special needs populations.

Our home is not staffed by staff, per say. When you call Jewell-Rittman, you will most always be speaking to a family member. We feel that the best way to meet the needs of the families we serve is to act as a family ourselves. So, we do just that. We are genuinely concerned with providing the most costs efficient, progressive and meaningful services for our community. We believe in local ownership and operation. A community is best served by members of that community. We are here to serve the people we live among.